The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration


Post Office Box 130
Bat Cave, N.C. 28710
Phone: 828-625-9244

The Rev. Wes Shields, Rector
The Right Rev. Jos
ť McLoughlin
Bishop Diocese of Western N.C.



The Rev. Wes Shields, Laura holding Tucker, Emma and Cody
and T-Bone


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          I came to Transfiguration in the spring of 2014, and I have found it to be a loving community that is truly interested in growing in their faith and service to the Lord.  Are we perfect? Absolutely not, but over the last 15 years I have been around a lot of churches and I would not say that my previous statement would apply to all of those parishes.
     Scripture teaches us that the truth of our words is found in the fruits that our life produces. Some of the fruit of this place is our Sunday evening community supper. For the last six years almost every Sunday people from the parish and the community come together for a free hot meal and a time of fellowship.
     Bare Necessities is a ministry that provides handmade reusable diapers and feminine hygiene products to people here in the gorge and on four continents. In the past year they have given away approximately $10,000, retail value, worth of these items to those in need.
     Our firewood ministry has split and will delivered around 15 cords off wood for people to heat their homes. Most of those people have never set foot in this parish.
     We have AD groups (Accountability and Discipleship) that are striving to make personal connections with one another and encourage one another to grow in their faith.
     These are a few examples of the fruit of this place. I offer these up not to brag, or at least thatís what I am telling myself, but rather to say we are making an effort. Are we there yet? Absolutely not, but our faith tells us that it doesnít matter where we start; it only matters where we finish. I hope you will come and be with us for a Sunday or a lifetime. You are welcome here no ifs, ands, or buts.