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Kits ready to go to Haiti to Children of Promise , placed on the altar to be blessed. 

Post Office Box 130
Bat Cave, N.C. 28710
Phone: 828-625-9244

The Rev. Wes Shields, Rector
The Right Rev. José McLoughlin
Bishop Diocese of Western N.C.


Bare Necessities Ministry

Bare Necessities  meets the first Wednesday of each month from 4 - 6 pm. in the Parish Hall
All are welcome to come and participate during any or all of that time.


Bare Necessities is wrapping up its third year of service and here are some numbers: 

2015           95 Diaper kits           79 Feminine hygiene kits             4 Newborn kits
2016         110 Diaper kits          128 Feminine hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits
2017          68 Diaper kits           377 Feminine hygiene kits             1 Newborn kit

Laura and Kathy with the items ready for a trip to Haiti. 
In addition to delivering kits, they will be teaching sewing classes on making cloth diapers and wipes.

The Bare Necessities Team delivered diaper kits, post partum kits, extra cloth diapers, sewing machine with extra needles, bobbins and cover, scissors, tape measures, thread, diaper pins, baby cereal, 20 yards of fabric,
10 English/Haitian Creole books, 11 learning toys.   Please keep all in your prayers.


Bare Necessities is a ministry that works to make a difference in the world.  The first set of diaper kits left for Haiti in March 2015 with the Sisters of Mercy medical mission team. Since then the Bare Necessities Team has expanded its ministry to include feminine hygiene kits sent to women in countries where this luxury is not available.  Gifts to make this ministry possible have come in so many forms: monetary donations, supply donations, work days, "shoppers", people sewing and cutting out patterns at home, prayers, etc. 

Each diaper kit is contained in a bag (donated by local businesses), two waterproof and size adjustable diaper covers, 10 cloth wipes, 10 absorbers and 4 diaper pins. The first project was met with great success. Purchasing comparable kits would cost more than $4000, but through the hard work of volunteers, our church was able to accomplish our goal.  Our church completed 56 full diaper kits and helped to complete another 20 for the Diapers for Haiti organization, resulting in 77 kits plus 63 diapers and extra covers. 

Presently Bare Necessities has sent diaper kits and feminine hygiene kits (made from the leftover PUL fabric and additional materials) Haiti, Thailand, Uganda, and Nicaragua.  Diaper kits are also being used by local families interested in the environmental aspect of cloth diapers and the added benefit of cost savings. 

For 2016, the “kits” translate into: 220 waterproof diaper covers, 1100 cloth diapers, 1100 cloth wipes, 110 tote bats, 256 feminine hygiene shields, 1280 cloth absorbers, 128 soaps, 256 ziplock bags, 128 tote bags, 2 newborn fleece blankets, 2 newborn fleece hats and 2 newborn fleece toy balls.

January 2016 Mission Trip to Haiti

Laura writes: "About a year and a half ago I started following an organization in Haiti, Children of the Promise. They are a multi-purpose organization: orphanage/adoption agency, medical clinic, pre-post natal nutrition education, temporary home for rehabilitating malnourished children, etc. I have been impressed with their work and felt drawn there. I have never been on a mission trip, but have wanted to for many years. Children of the Promise is accustomed to having missionaries and were well organized in receiving small and large groups at their facility. It seemed like a good fit for this first foray into the mission field. 

Children of the Promise requested post partum feminine hygiene kits, and preemie and newborn diaper kits. We have not been making the preemie and newborn diaper kits, so Amy worked to adapt our patterns for these much smaller items. The preemie diapers are about two thread spools high in size!

Kathy, and Wes’ sister Angela, agreed to make this trip with me. A first for both of them as well. We are all very excited, as well as anxious, about what this trip holds in store for us in terms of the work we can do, and the experiences we will have. We appreciate the support we have received in terms of time, money and prayers from Bare Necessities, our churches, friends and family. Please hold us in your prayers.

Laura Shields

The journey was in 2016 from January 25- February 1. 

                               First Diaper Kits arrive in Haiti                                    Feminine Hygiene Kits arrive in Uganda


   Workdays the first Wednesday of every month


Assembling the kits

Sewing the diaper covers


Finishing with snaps and edging

Happy Volunteer

Cloth being cut for wipes

Everybody gets involved!